Tara Eveland
Modern Sales Coach
Hey girl Hey!
Let me tell you about my first job interview. It was 2003, the lady walks in, sits down, hands me a pen and says, 'Sell me my pen'. I was young but I didn't hesitate. Picking it up it looked like a normal ball point pen...but that pen started me on the journey that would open me up to a world I have come to know and love! 

I landed that job, which began my accomplished sales career. To say I've been successful would be an understatement... I've changed my families' entire life, and future, by these techniques I am now sharing with other women.

Things have changed since 2003. Modern sales are just that...modern. Gone are the days of 'cold calling', 'Franny Lists', and "100 Contacts Lists". Say hello to the days of Video, showing your personality, Lifestyle selling, and all the amazing updated techniques I have mastered and used to build my own brand.

I know this may sound scary. You might be thinking, "I don't have time to learn a whole new way of selling!" Don't worry, I got you girl! I'm just like you! A crazy busy Mom to 3 kiddos, I totally get not having time to sit at a desk for a lengthy training. That's fine, download the Podcast on Itunes and listen on the go! 

Can't wait to meet you! Come join the community of other women that are ready to rock their boutiques!

-Shine on babes!

Stop reading outdated materials and trying old sales techniques. embrace the modern Strategies for success!
~ Tara Eveland ~
For those about to ROCK....
Are you selling live? This is the cornerstone of modern sales! Video is the new and improved 'door to door'..but instead the customer is opening the door before you even knock! 
Want to go live and make sure you are fully prepared? Or are you already going live but don't remember everything you need before hitting 'broadcast'? Do you ever forget a pen? How about a drink? OMG me too girl!!!
My first freebie content was so important to get out to you...because you ALL need this! It's a printable checklist with everything I do, get ready, and need before going live to sell my products. You can print multiples and check them off each sale, or tack to your wall and use as a general reference. I hope you love it! 
If you don't want the freebie, don't use it..but you NEED to be on this list if you want to grow your boutique. I'll be sharing with you the ways of success in this day and age and easy steps to implement them into your existing business!
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